Equipment Supplier in Gilbert, AZ & Chandler, AZ

As a leading equipment supplier in Gilbert, AZ & Chandler, AZ, we offer refurbishment, servicing, and sales of semiconductor CMP, Cleaning, Chemical Distribution, and Litho Track systems, we handle all of your requirements for OnTrak®, SVG®, IPEC® (IPEC-Westech), Speedfam and AMAT: Mirra®, Mirra Mesa®, MirraTrak® systems. Providing service from locations worldwide, spare parts, systems design, and more, we are a complete solution provider.

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ifs refurbishment semiconductor

Global Field Support
Service & PM Contracts

Tool Down Support

Escalation Support

Process Applications Support

Tool Install and De-Commission

Spare Parts

Sub-assembly Repair

Pump, Motor, and Gearbox Rebuilds
Edwards QDP series vacuum pumps

Diaphragm/Bellows fluid pumps

Morse Gearboxes (IPEC tools)

NSK & Yaskawa Motors & Drives (AMAT Mirra®)

Electrical and Mechanical Design

Prototype System Development

Obsolete Parts Replacement

Mechanical Upgrades

Materials Replacement

Special Substrate Handling

Sub-Assembly Exchange Program

AMAT® Base Gear Box

OnTrak® Spin Carriage Assemblies

OnTrak® Spin Station Spindles

OnTrak® Brush Lifter Assemblies

Other Sub assemblies available upon request

CMP Platen Recoating (AMAT Mirra®, IPEC®)

Mirra CMP tools
ontrak cleaners