We deliver excellence in supplying our customers with reliable maintenance, up to date training, quality spare parts and excellent customer service for CMP Tools, Wafer Cleaning Systems, Spare Parts, Inventory Control and Equipment Refurbishment to the semiconductor industry.


Providing refurbishment, servicing, and sales of semiconductor, CMP, Cleaning, Chemical Distribution, and Litho Track systems.

We handle all of your needs for.

  • OnTrak
  • SVG
  • IPEC-Westech
  • Speedfam
  • AMAT Mirra┬«


Our fast response and extremely competitive rates save you time and money by limiting downtime and lowering your total cost of ownership for equipment.

We specialize in sales of systems, parts, and service, so you can be assured that you only pay for the system you purchase and not other foundry services you don't need or use.

We carry dozens of CMP and Litho Track systems in our inventory to serve you better and give the best pricing.


Backed by a team with over 75 years professional experience in the semiconductor industries, IFS has become an organization customers rely on to supply equipment maintenance and training services efficiently, reliably, and quickly.

From service worldwide to spare parts, we provide a complete solution.